Special Interests

We provide special trips with our network of partners worldwide

Special Interests

With travelers developing varying interests while traveling, our experience has evolved to provide special trips to prospective travelers along with our network of partners worldwide.

Whether it is one of our specialty organized tours, or small private groups, we organize trips with an element of focus on special interests that are designed to optimize the experience of the subject matter.

Some of our special interest travel programs include:


These trips are designed to experience the local food flavors of a country, and learn about the different ingredients and techniques that make the cuisine special. With a focus on traditional foods, travelers can sample some of the best restaurants, indulge in local street foods, shopping for local ingredients, and cooking classes from local artisans who work hard to preserve the heritage, and others that are the driving force to modernity and fusion.

Some of the cuisines to sample: France, Italy, Thailand, Japan, China, and many others.



With many countries producing some of the best wines, we organize trips to wineries around the world from Europe, to South Africa, and South America. Learn about the agriculture of the different grapes, the climates, soil, and techniques that make the wines special from one country to the other, while tasting the wines with professional sommeliers who produce them.

Suggested destinations: Spain, France, Italy, South Africa.

Sport & Adventure

Whether you are looking for the thrill of climbing Mount Everest, cage diving in South Africa, Skiing in Chamonix, river rafting in the Grand Canyon, we can arrange your trip with some of the best partner with extensive experience in providing great adventures in different destinations.

And if you like to be the spectator at some of the world’s greatest sports events, we can book tickets for you at World Cup games, UEFA playoffs and finals, WRC and Formula 1 races around the globe. We have the calendar, and we have your spot.

Sport and Adventure
Arts and Architecture

Arts & Architecture

Whether you are a fan of modern design, or classic victorian architecture, and want to learn more about the monuments that defined the history of the era, we design tours and program to visit these places, with an in-depth look at the artists that created the masterpieces.

Yoga & Meditation

Call us for more information on our selected destinations to expand your horizons, experience spiritual balance, or clear your mind and meditate.

Yoga and Meditation

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