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Amman Wine Tasting

Vineyard & Winery Experience

The Wine Experience allows you to discover more than 40 international handpicked grape varieties that are especially crafted for you into more than 20 types of wine and produced from one of the most distinctive Terroir in the world; the basalt desert of Jordan.

The experience is the 1st wine tasting experience in Jordan and is the destination for wine enthusiasts to sense the taste of this heritage and get a glimpse into the winemaking industry.

Which type of Wine tourists are you?

  • The Wine Geeks: These are the Ones Who Want to Know Everything. Wine is the Sole Purpose of their Visit.
  • The Gastro-Tourist: Food and Wine is an Important Element.
  • The Passing-By Casual (Wine) Tourist: “We’re in a Wine Region so Let’s Visit a Winery … Or Two!”

Doesn't matter, because you will diffidently enjoy this experience... book your Wine tasting experience at the Abadali Boulevard to have 2 Wine Experiences + 1 Cheese Platter.

  1. Transportation not included.
  2. Available daily from 4pm to 12am.


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    Start Wednesday August 10, 2022
    End Wednesday August 10, 2022
    1 - 20 Pax
    Available Seats: 20

    Adult ( 1 - 20 Pax ) $50.00 $0.00 /Person

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