Join a Group for an Afternoon Tour to Jerash

Starting From 85 $

Join a group to visit the Greco-Roman city of Jerash. Every Sunday and Thursday.

Day Tour to Jerash 


The Tour will take you to visit some of the most significant historical sites in Jordan, the city of Jerash, formerly known as Gerasa in Biblical times. Until today, Jerash remains one of the largest and best preserved Roman cities outside of Rome. Get the chance to walk through some of the most significant sites of the city including the Cardo, the Colonnaded Street, Temple of Hercules, the Oval Plaza, and the two Amphitheaters that can seat 5000 and 7000 spectators.  In the Bible, it was mentioned in the account where Christ expelled the demons from the possessed man.


Departure Time:  12:00

Return Time:  17:00

Timing for the tour is not fixed and will be confirmed on the day prior to the tour.

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Schedules Available Seats
22-Feb-2018 to 22-Feb-2018 20
25-Feb-2018 to 25-Feb-2018 20
1-Mar-2018 to 1-Mar-2018 20
4-Mar-2018 to 4-Mar-2018 20
8-Mar-2018 to 8-Mar-2018 20
11-Mar-2018 to 11-Mar-2018 20
15-Mar-2018 to 15-Mar-2018 20
18-Mar-2018 to 18-Mar-2018 20
22-Mar-2018 to 22-Mar-2018 20
25-Mar-2018 to 25-Mar-2018 20
29-Mar-2018 to 29-Mar-2018 20
1-Apr-2018 to 1-Apr-2018 20
5-Apr-2018 to 5-Apr-2018 20
8-Apr-2018 to 8-Apr-2018 20
12-Apr-2018 to 12-Apr-2018 20
15-Apr-2018 to 15-Apr-2018 20
19-Apr-2018 to 19-Apr-2018 20
22-Apr-2018 to 22-Apr-2018 20
26-Apr-2018 to 26-Apr-2018 20
29-Apr-2018 to 29-Apr-2018 20
3-May-2018 to 3-May-2018 20
6-May-2018 to 6-May-2018 20
10-May-2018 to 10-May-2018 20
13-May-2018 to 13-May-2018 20
17-May-2018 to 17-May-2018 20
20-May-2018 to 20-May-2018 20
24-May-2018 to 24-May-2018 20
27-May-2018 to 27-May-2018 20
31-May-2018 to 31-May-2018 20
3-Jun-2018 to 3-Jun-2018 20
7-Jun-2018 to 7-Jun-2018 20
10-Jun-2018 to 10-Jun-2018 20
14-Jun-2018 to 14-Jun-2018 20
17-Jun-2018 to 17-Jun-2018 20
21-Jun-2018 to 21-Jun-2018 20
24-Jun-2018 to 24-Jun-2018 20
28-Jun-2018 to 28-Jun-2018 20
1-Jul-2018 to 1-Jul-2018 20
5-Jul-2018 to 5-Jul-2018 20
8-Jul-2018 to 8-Jul-2018 20
12-Jul-2018 to 12-Jul-2018 20
15-Jul-2018 to 15-Jul-2018 20
19-Jul-2018 to 19-Jul-2018 20
22-Jul-2018 to 22-Jul-2018 20
26-Jul-2018 to 26-Jul-2018 20
29-Jul-2018 to 29-Jul-2018 20
2-Aug-2018 to 2-Aug-2018 20
5-Aug-2018 to 5-Aug-2018 20
9-Aug-2018 to 9-Aug-2018 20
12-Aug-2018 to 12-Aug-2018 20
16-Aug-2018 to 16-Aug-2018 20
19-Aug-2018 to 19-Aug-2018 20
23-Aug-2018 to 23-Aug-2018 20
26-Aug-2018 to 26-Aug-2018 20
30-Aug-2018 to 30-Aug-2018 20
2-Sep-2018 to 2-Sep-2018 20
6-Sep-2018 to 6-Sep-2018 20
9-Sep-2018 to 9-Sep-2018 20
13-Sep-2018 to 13-Sep-2018 20
16-Sep-2018 to 16-Sep-2018 20
20-Sep-2018 to 20-Sep-2018 20
23-Sep-2018 to 23-Sep-2018 20
27-Sep-2018 to 27-Sep-2018 20
30-Sep-2018 to 30-Sep-2018 20
4-Oct-2018 to 4-Oct-2018 20
7-Oct-2018 to 7-Oct-2018 20
11-Oct-2018 to 11-Oct-2018 20
14-Oct-2018 to 14-Oct-2018 20
18-Oct-2018 to 18-Oct-2018 20
21-Oct-2018 to 21-Oct-2018 20
25-Oct-2018 to 25-Oct-2018 20
28-Oct-2018 to 28-Oct-2018 20
1-Nov-2018 to 1-Nov-2018 20
4-Nov-2018 to 4-Nov-2018 20
8-Nov-2018 to 8-Nov-2018 20
11-Nov-2018 to 11-Nov-2018 20
15-Nov-2018 to 15-Nov-2018 20
18-Nov-2018 to 18-Nov-2018 20
22-Nov-2018 to 22-Nov-2018 20
25-Nov-2018 to 25-Nov-2018 20
29-Nov-2018 to 29-Nov-2018 20



The Tour bus will pick you up from your hotel, and drive 65km north of Amman to Jerash. Upon arrival there, start the tour of the site which should take around 5 hours


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